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Ocean Freight Exports

The company is a leader in this sector of the Irish market. Our FCL services include excellent scheduled competitive services to Asia, the Middle East, US & Canada, Australia & New Zealand, South America, Mediterranean and Africa.

We offer very competitive rates and excellent service.

We have vast experience in the area of Documentation for exports. Our Documentation Department is extremely proficient in the preparation of all types of Bills of Lading and can advise customers on the how best to protect their interests. In addition we have extensive knowledge in the area of Letters of Credit and their implications for consignments and related documents. L/Cs also introduce other restrictions on shipments such as shipped by dates and limitations on arrival dates. Handling shipments of this nature require a sufficient level of expertise otherwise shippers are exposed in financial terms.

Agricultural Bills of Lading can be another regular customer requirements especially where there are various types of refunds involved.


The Company has specialist knowledge and extensive experience in shipping the following categories on both a Short-Sea and a Deep-Sea basis:

  • Waste and Recovered paper of all grades
  • Plastics
  • Scrap Metals
  • Waste materials
  • Hazardous Waste

All of the above require experienced handling because of the potentially problematic nature of the products involved. Familiarisation with the applicable regulations, such as Hazardous Regulations, TFS and CCIC is essential. Ability to deal with and solve problems through negotiation with relevant authorities (in Rotterdam and Antwerp e.g.) is an important factor in shipping these categories


We offer comprehensive Cargo Insurance for all types of cargo and movements. In addition we are insured by ITIC, London for Freight Forwarders Liability and Errors and Omissions.

We also insure all significant receivables with Atradius to protect our own financial position and thereby give further security to our own customers.

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