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Import Agents

We offer a very comprehensive service for importers. To save regular importers wasting scarce time in chasing and locating their shipments we take responsibility and deal with all of the tasks involved. We offer a door-to-door service where the customer can book with us and we arrange the through international transport. Alternatively where the customer's shipments are on a CIF basis we organise everything at this end by tracing the consignments, dealing with the carriers and agents involved, handling the documentation and Customs, securing release of the consignment, paying the local charges involved and arranging final delivery at the agreed date and time.


Transocean commenced Customs Clearance in 1979 and was one of the first Agents in Ireland to offer On-Line Clearances through the Customs and Excise EDI system. . Our staff have specialist knowledge in this area and in addition to offering a prompt service can also offer advice for the benefit of importers. In addition to clearing general cargoes we also specialise in the area of transfer of residences.

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